Step by step guide

Step by step guide for your curls- from wavy to super curly

Tips-All products are applied to soaking wet hair.-Try not to use a brush or a comb before washing your curls as it can cause your hair to break.- Try to finger detangle once the moisturiser is on the hair - Put your hair up into a loose ‘pineapple’ on the top of your head overnight to preserve the curls - If your hair is super curly you might want to use a silk scarf or pillow case to prevent breakage over night - For second day curls try using neat gel over the canopy to help with the fluff on the halo.

Washing -cleanse your roots-the key is to massage the product into the roots.

1 Always wet the hair thoroughly, water is your best friend when it comes to your curls.

2 Apply shampoo or cleanser to the roots and massage vigorously. If your hair is super curly you will need to section your curls and apply to the roots section by section.

3 Rinse hair though roughly and repeat steps 1 and 2; keep the hair soaking wet for the next step, the amount of times you wash is really up to you.

Moisturise your curls -

1 Use a lighter conditioner if your hair is finer and wavy and apply to the mid lengths to ends of the hair and rinse as soon as you have finger detangled. Use a thicker heavier treatment or mask if your hair is thicker curls. Use the treatment as a conditioner and, if your hair is super curly and thick, leave some of the mask in the hair to act as a leave in. Water the mask down by drizzling water over the curls and push the product down the hair, then, lift the curls back onto themselves. ( Don’t worry if this is not clear - this will be clear after your appointment as I will already have demonstrated this to you!)

2 Apply the conditioner or mask in sections as you go, smoothing, stroking and detangling as you go. you can use a wide tooth comb if you wish, try and finger detangle if you can. Use a mirror at this stage to direct the side sections by the ear down and put the parting or the direction you want the hair to go in. You need to keep your head up-right once you have done this, so you don’t ruin the direction you have placed the curls in. If you don’t mind where the hair falls, you can do this step upside down if you like.

3 Remember to slowly finger detangle, if you need to use a wide tooth comb then you still need to smooth the hair with your fingers to push the product into the hair and smooth the cuticle.Keep your hair soaking wet when rinsing the conditioner or mask out and direct the hair in the direction you want the hair to sit.Rather than using masses of product keep your hair soaked with water by drizzling water as you apply the product this will help the moisture to stay in the hair.

4 Rinse your curls completely if your hair is finer and wavy, as above leave some of the product in if your hair is curly to super curly.

5 Do not rake your fingers through at this stage as we want the curls to stick together in bigger clumps -this is how you get the definition.

6 Apply the ‘leave in’ onto soaking wet hair; you only need to use this if your hair is thicker and curlier……wavies or really fine hair should not need a ‘leave in’. If using a ‘leave in’, apply tiny amounts into the palm of your hand and stroke over the surface…… if your hair is low porosity (I will have explained this to you if it is the case), drizzle a little water over the top of the ‘leave in’, or water down in a bottle with half kettle water. This will help to ensure that the leave in will not sit like white beads on the surface of the hair. Do not rake the hair at all.

Styling your curls- The key to drying your curls is not to scrunch them!

1 Whilst your hair is soaking wet apply the defining gel, a fifty pence piece amount at a time….. all the way over your palms then stroke from roots to tips into your curls. If your hair is finer you don’t need to section, but super curlies need to section to apply this product. You need to squeeze and squash the product into the hair. If your curls are wavy you need to stroke the product in; if your curls are tighter you will need to rake into the hair and make sure the hair is detangled.

2 Keep evenly applying the product until the hair squelches, telling you you have applied enough. Use a micro fibre towel or t-shirt to squeeze the end of the curls up into the roots to squeeze the water out, making sure that you don’t rough the curls up or break them up. Then, lay a little more product over the surface of the hair making sure the curls are in the right direction.

3 You are now ready to dry either using a diffuser or air drying. I would recommend that if you don’t mind where the hair is parted, dry with a diffuser with your head upside down; if you have already put the parting in then you need to dry with the diffuser from side to side. If you are using a diffuser, just make sure you don’t touch the mid to ends of the hair, you can pinch the roots with your fingers. Take care not to scrunch the hair, otherwise it will break up the curls and could make them look spindly.

4 Once your hair is fully dry you can place your fingers in at the roots and shake, gently massaging the rest of the hair to remove the cast.

The drying

The drying

uniqueness of curls

uniqueness of curls