London Hunter Collective Salon - £130 for 75 min appointment

Staffordshire Studio - £100 for 90 min appointment


What will happen during your appointment

I know that you may feel really nervous before your appointment - often resulting from bad experiences with non curly hair specialists! Having felt this way myself, I do everything I can to make you feel at ease from the moment you walk in through the door. I have set out below the basic approach during your appointment -

The curly dry cut

I will discuss what you are looking for with your curly haircut and what you want to achieve for the future. The cut will be done dry and according to how your curl pattern sits. I will discuss your current routine and give you pointers to how you can improve it. I will advise the best products and how best to use them on your curls. I will take a before and after photo to compare the results. You can also take a photo of the products used. After cutting I will show you to the washing area.

The WASHING & moisturising

I will show you the products I’m going to use and talk through the application as I go. You can hold a mirror at the backwash to see exactly how I wash and moisturise your curls and apply the products at the basin - unless your curls are long and need to be applied at the drying chair.

The curly BLOW dry

I will recline my chair and you can relax as I show you how to diffuse dry your curls. You can use a mirror here to to watch the technique.

The Products

The products I use are as natural as I can find. I use easy dry towels that are biodegradable. All the products sourced are British wherever possible, even the kimonos are from Susannah Cotton on Etsy. The products are tried and tested over years of experimenting. I use a mixture of Boucleme, Bounce Curl , Flora & Curl and Shea Moisture. I’m always on the look out for natural British products.

The service

The service will take roughly 75 - 90 mins, depending on your curl type and length. You will have access to my step by step guide to show you how to achieve the result yourself at home…….. even a healthy snack to help with your journey home.