Your Curly Hair journey starts here; Naturally

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Welcome to Curl Whisperer - a bespoke dry curly cut hair experience to bring your curls alive. Sharing my experience, I can help you to understand your curls and give you the knowledge you need to achieve great results at home.

My Service- The curly cut

I offer a tailored dry curly hair cut, letting your curls sit naturally to the head shape allowing the shape to last, a curly cleanse and moisturiser and products applied this is explained in detail. there is a long conversation on how to wear your curls at home, which products you should use and a manageable routine to follow step by step by email.

The space- Hunter Collective

The space I work in is awesome - I wanted somewhere that reflected the uniqueness and unconventional nature of our beautiful curls. It is a beautiful bright open roomy space, right in the heart of Farringdon. Hunter Collective can be a bit tricky to find so please take note of the directions.

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The products- Natural

Achieving that great curly look should not harm your health - that is why the products I use are all natural. As well as being really effective in bringing your curls to life and being natural, I also do my best to source smaller UK based curly specialist companies. I have found some fantastic products which I’m sure you will really notice a difference.

The naturally lit inspiring Hunter Collective area

The naturally lit inspiring Hunter Collective area


Hunter Collective

This is the front of the building, opposite there is an NCP car park. There is a buzzer on the right hand side which says Hunter Collective and it’s the 2nd floor.


Curl Tip;

only use curl conditioner if your hair needs the moisture

Only apply product to soaking wet hair!


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