What is Hair Porosity, Protein and Moisture…and what does it mean for me?

This question has come up so many times in consultation with my clients, either directly or indirectly i.e. “why is my curly hair always so dry and frizzy !!!”….if this sounds like you, read on. Oh, and by the way, I am not a scientist so I have explained it as best I can in my own way.

Porosity basically means the hair’s ability to absorb water. Each hair strand has a layer called the cuticle,  covering the hair like tiles on a roof. When hair is high porosity it means the cuticle layer is ‘lifted’ and water is absorbed into the cortex – inside the hair shaft……but this isn’t always a good thing, as too much porosity reduces the hair’s ability to keep the moisture in and can lead to breakage. When the cuticle is lifted the water is not held in the hair, leaving it to feel dry….the hair lacks shine and is rough to the touch. Hair can become more porous with chemical treatments such as colouring the hair lighter. It causes the hair to become weak and removes the protein or strength of the hair.

Your hair is made of protein and moisture and can be tested by your hairdresser when your hair is wet, stretching about 10 to 20 hairs in between their fingers. Normal conditioned hair should stretch and return like an elastic band. So, if your hair doesn’t stretch at all with this test, it means your hair needs moisture – the treatment I would recommend for this is Camile Rose Coconut Water Treatment, which can be purchased from Amazon for around £22.20151122_231019

If the hair stretches too much on the other hand, it needs protein – the  treatment in this instance is called Revamp by OCS, BUT, it should only be applied by your stylist as you need to be careful not to give your hair too much protein, as this can make the hair brittle and lead to breakage. Protein treatments (such as Revamp) are often made with a wheat protein which helps to bind the hair together and fill the gaps, leaving the hair shiny, strong and healthy.20151122_231036

So, as you can see although people can get hung up about the porosity of their hair, it is more important to consider the balance of protein and moisture, which gives your hair its shine and strength. And don’t be tempted to over moisturise your hair because you think it’s dry; protein is your friend too as it helps to give your curly hair strength and more definition……definitely a good thing !!!

If you have anymore questions that you would like to ask me about unleashing your inner curls, please email me on  lindseyhair14@yahoo.com