Transitioning from straight to curly hair…the journey!

So everyone. I have got a confession….Despite being someone who champions curly, natural locks, I have only truly been a Curly Girl for the past year-and-a-half. 
Before this I regularly had my hair chemically straightened (oh the horror!!) and religiously used my straightners, because I thought it was easier and didn’t want to admit to even myself that I had naturally curly hair. There, I’ve said it. In fact, even in the 80s I had my hair spiral permed, to think my hair was already curly, what on earth was I thinking? 
Thank goodness really straight hair is becoming too much like hard work for most of us with naturally wavy locks! I think we are all realising it is an impossible feat to keep up this level of perfection, especially in this country with all the rain – which is enough to frizz even the straightest hair!
I think we are becoming aware of what’s natural and how to care for our hair a lot better. With colouring moving away from highlights using foils, to hand painting colour onto the hair and avoiding the roots, to using more natural shampoo and conditioners, we are all becoming a lot more mindful about looking after ourselves.
But suddenly going curly isn’t easy and is something we have to get used to, along with our loved ones!
The transition period takes a while to adjust to, along with what you see when you look in the mirror. If you are used to seeing a nice tidy sleeker style going from this to wild and curly, it will take a little time to adjust. You just need to not beat yourself up if you have an off-day – and believe me, I have had many. 
In fact, I used to tie my hair up by twisting it so I didn’t feel so exposed and ‘big’. Then slowly as it started to grow and I learnt a whole new way of styling my hair, and I began to like it! 
In one of the salons  I worked in for three years (before I became the Curl whisperer), I only wore my hair naturally curly for one day the whole time I worked there. Going to work that day I was so apprehensive of what my colleagues and clients would say. Their reaction was, as you would expect, that some loved it, some pretended to like it, and others said nothing! 
When I first started wearing my hair curly, my husband said I looked like Kevin Keegan, and he would still prefer my hair straight! But this is about me and you excepting who we truly are – natural and free from straighteners! But soon he too began to love it too.
So taking into account that I’m a 41-year-old hairdresser and only myself recently introduced to the curly world, I think it is important to know that to allow yourself to be curly is all about accepting what is the natural ‘you’, and learning to love and embrace it.
So the great news is, I no longer have to plan outings around the weather!
Having curly hair – once you get through the transition and learn your curly routine –  will save you valuable time, as I have found out! The more natural the products you use and less blow drying will equal beautiful conditioned hair. My hair is in the best condition it’s ever been. I diffuse dry, very lightly, then leave it to dry naturally then ‘scrunch the crunch’. People have got used to my slightly unkempt hair, but most of all, so have I! Helping other curlies embrace their natural self is so rewarding and I am so proud to be a part of this incredible movement.
If you have anymore questions that you would like me to ask about becoming curly yourself, please email me on
The future is bright, the future is curly!