Should We Care About Hair Care Product Ingredients ?

Nowadays hardly a week goes by without reading or hearing about a new health scare associated with the food we eat, resulting from the chemicals or other additives being used in the production process. As a result, many of us have become quite fussy about the food we buy, examining ingredients carefully to avoid harmful preservatives and artificial flavourings etc. However, how many of us know that chemicals can also enter the body through our skin and hair and consequently examine hair and beauty product ingredients with the same level of challenge as with food ingredients???


We all know that there is a list of Curly Girl approved ingredients to use on your hair, which will leave your precious curls looking great and in fabulous condition. Also listed are those ingredients such as sulphates and silicones which can compromise the condition of your hair, often by coating the hair with ‘plastic’, preventing moisture and other nutrients getting into the hair follicle, or simply stripping the hair of goodness. But, there are other ingredients (chemicals) you should be aware of which, whilst not affecting the condition or appearance of your hair, could have a wider impact on your health.

As you know I am extremely passionate (some might even say obsessed!!!) with using only natural and organic products, as I consider there is potentially an unknown quantity of damage we are doing to ourselves unwittingly. So I would like to help make you aware of these potentially harmful chemicals. These thoughts are only my personal opinion, as someone who has looked quite deeply into doing my bit for keeping the nasties off of our skin and out of our bodies !! So I’m not here to scare you, just raising your awareness and hopefully helping you to be a little more careful or selective the next time you go shopping for hair care products.
There are many potentially harmful ingredients out there, so here is a short list of a few of them that I think you should be aware of and why –
Alcohol, Isopropyl this is found in many hair products and interestingly is also used in antifreeze. It has been reported that it can act as a carrier potentially accelerating the penetration of harmful chemicals into your skin.

DEA( Diethanolamine) This is a hormone disrupting chemical that has been linked with the formation of cancer causing nitrates. Detergents of DEA based ingredients may result in major liver and kidney cancer.

Parabens are preservatives and have been found in breast cancer tumours; for this reason their use in a number of products has been reduced and quite often replaced with the following chemical !!!

Propylene Glycol This is a preservative that helps the product easily penetrate the skin, but, has also been linked as a potential cancer causing chemical.

So, having said all of that (and hopefully not alarming you too much !!) the good news (phew!!) is that there are plenty of products out there which have been carefully developed to use only natural, non-harmful ingredients. I try to use only these products and my clients can relax, knowing that I have done the worry on their behalf. I take time to source and use only those products which will not only leave your curls looking gorgeous and in great condition, but are not linked with having known potential long term health risks.

For me, however important our beauty and appearance is to us, it should never be to the detriment of our long term health and wellbeing. If you have anymore questions that you would like to ask me about unleashing your inner curls, please email me on