Questions answered!

I decided this week to answer some of the questions I’m asked on a daily basis to help you with your curly routine – so I hope you find it helpful!
Q: Are there any cheaper natural products? 
A: I find that the product Faith in Nature is great, both the coconut shampoo and conditioner. While there are sulphates in the product, they are naturally derived from vegetables. The shampoo and conditioner each cost around £5 and I sell them in my salon. While it is not specifically designed for curly hair, it works great. The coconut conditioner is very moisturising too. Another good product is Cantu Co Wash which also costs about £5. The product is very moisturising with no nasties!

Q: Should I use a wide tooth comb or my fingers to remove tangled hair? 
A: Everyone has a personal preference. I find my hair works better by being combed through with a wide tooth comb when my hair is wet with conditioner in. But some people find they don’t need to use a comb and especially when your hair is very curly it will disrupt your curl, so using your fingers is better for finer curlier hair.

Q: How can I get second and third day hair?
A: You could try mixing a gel and kettle water mix in a spray, or even a conditioner and kettle water spray together. Lightly spray the mist over fluffy sections, and stroke down the hair. 
Also if you ‘plop’ your hair with a T-shirt or satin bonnet at night, this will help to keep your curls defined. I prefer to pineapple my hair with a scrunchy as I’m not so worried all night the T-shirt or Bonnet will fall off.

Q:can you make your own hair treatments?
A: There are so many natural hair treatments out there that you can make in your own home.
 Here are a few I would recommend:
 – Good protien treatments.
1/2 cup boiling water
1tbsp non flavoured gelitin
1tbsp cider vinegar
2tbsp plain yoghurt
Leave on for 20 mins 
This treatment shouldn’t be done too frequently as too much protein can make the hair to brittle and break off. So I would recommend once a month. You should follow this treatment with a moisture treatment or at least a moisture conditioner.

– A good moisture treatment which is excellent for very curly hair
Cherry lola treatment
Nat organic yoghurt 
Omino acid 
Baking soda
Leave on for 20 to 40 mins. This will soften and define curly hair. I would put a hat on your head to keep the heat in and push product into the hair. This treatment goes on dry hair

Q: What styling products should I use? 
A: With styling products I like to layer them, 
If your hair is extra curly you probably need to put oil on your hair when its soaking wet, then a leave in conditioner then a butter.It your hair is thick curly and wavy hair you might want to use a leave in conditioner then a gel.If you have is very fine you probably just need to scrunch the water out of your hair first then use a gel.

Q: When should I ‘no poo’? 
A: Lots of clients ask me this. The simple answer is, if your hair is fine or medium texture and oily like mine you need to use a non sulphate shampoo. Using no poo will only make your hair greasier. But if your hair is thicker and needs moisture, then you need to no poo your hair.You might find that you want to no poo on one wash then the next you use a non sulphate shampoo.

Q: Should i diffuse use the hood dryer?
A: Air drying your hair is great in this warm weather and saves us curlies a lot of time but it creates a softer look. My advice would be to start your hair off with the diffuser by holding your head upside down to create volume then leave the rest to air dry, this is for hair that needs volume. Hair that has too much volume needs to be air dried or dried under a clymazone or hood dryer  

Q: What do different oils do?
A: Caster oil strengthens and promotes hair growth
Coconut oil seals in moisture and is good for protein loss.Olive oil is anti bacterial and Avocado oil gives sheen and gives softness to your hair.

Q: When do I use an oil?
A: You only need to use oils in your hair if your hair is lacking moisture.You can use oils as treatments, lots of clients put them in when their hair is dry leave over night then co wash out. I use oil best when the hair is soaking wet and needs moisture coconut oil especially is know to seal the moisture into the hair.

Q: What other household natural products could I use on my hair? 
A: You can use egg white as gel! I did this a while ago and it actually works. You need to keep it in the fridge though but it does work really well. Another gel substitute is Aloe Vera mixed with a few drops of your favourite essential oil. This is recommended by the Curly Girl book written by Lorraine Massey. Lorraine also recommends using olive oil and a few drops again of your favourite essential oil to seal your hair before going for a swim.
If you have anymore questions, please do let me know!