The Best Curly Hair Products

Product Reviews for Curly Girls
I get asked so often about what I think are the best products to use on curly hair by my lovely clients that I thought I would write a blog on some of the great products on offer.
From ‘No Poo’ to ‘Low Poo’, to conditioning and styling products to help you decide whats good on your hair, there is so much out there if you know where to look. While they all may vary in price, all that I use are natural or organic products that anyone can use. Not only is it better for your hair to be natural but better for your body too.
Shea Moisture – Curling Gel Souffle
This product is very oily it is for people with hair lacking in moisture – and defiantly for more for the afro type hair. My hair is Caucasian hair and is very oily.
The smell of Shea Moisture is amazing if you like coconut. It needs to be used after washing after conditioner if your hair is really dry, or just on top of freshly washed hair. There is no hold factor with this product. It’s free from all nasties. This can be bought from Amazon for £10.00
 Curls -Coconut Curlada conditioner
This product is amazing on hair that lacks moisture. I use it more as a leave-in conditioning product, but you can condition with it too and rinse off.
Its very creamy and does goes a long way, so great value for money. This product can be bought from Amazon for £10.00

John Masters – Lavender and Avocado Intensive Conditioner
This is an amazing product , its for dry and damaged hair and contains lavender which slows down hair loss and treats the scalp. The Avocado moisturises and conditions the hair. It isn’t specifically for curly hair but can be used to moisturise curls beautifully. This product can be bought directly from me for £22.00

Boucleme – Curl Cleanser
This curl cleanser is very light and does its job brilliantly. It’s very natural and you can tell this by the smell – so fresh and invigorating. This is a non foaming cleanser, which maintains the hair and scalps natural moisture balance.
The product lifts the dirt off the scalp with out removing unnecessary oils.The scalp needs to be vigorously rubbed in circular motions all over the head to remove dirt. Curl cleanser has a blend argan and virgin coconut oil among others. It has an amazing citrus fragrance with spearmint and magnolia leaf. This product can be bought form me directly or the Boucleme website for £15.00

Boucleme – Curl Conditioner
This curl conditioner has an awesomely fresh smell. It is a professional product and needs to be really worked into the hair to feel the benefits and to get a really smooth finish. You need to stroke the product in with your fingers. This products is worth every penny and is very natural. You need to take sections of hair and rake gently with your fingers or wide tooth comb – but only ever do this when the hair has conditioner in. This can also be used as a leave-in conditioner – so you can either leave some in after washing, or reapply after your hair wash as a leave in. This product can be bought from me directly or from the Boucleme website for £17.00
Boucleme  – Defining Gel
This product compliments the other two Boucleme products perfectly –  and the smells intertwine so as not to cause an overload of sickly smells.The product must be stroked all the way through the hair, trying not to rake your fingers through. It goes on the hair as a light coating, and once dried into the hair holds a great cast. Then once scrunched out of the hair leaving soft defined curls. What I love so much about Boucleme is the way you can layer the products so well, and there is no cloudy residue. This can be bought from me or the Boucleme website for £15.00

Tianas- Coconut Oil 
This is the raw organic version of Coconut Oil in a purple pot. It smells absolutely divine if you like coconuts.  Coconut  oil is proven to hold moisture in the hair.
It melts in your hands and works wonders. I normally apply the night before washing on dry hair as a treatment, or after washing when the hair is soaking wet before leave in – or instead of and before styling product. On soaking wet hair it holds the moisture in. This product can be bought from Amazon or Holland and Barratt for £10.00
Deva No Poo
This product is a great non sulphate shampoo and a conditioning cleanser. 
I use this as a conditioner as well as No Poo.This product is quite thick and I would say needs to be used for curlies with slightly drier hair. It has a creamy consistency. Again this product needs to be rubbed in vigorously at the roots removing dirt from scalp and retaining moisture that curly hair needs. This product can be bought from the Deva website from around £17.00
Deva One Conditioner
This conditioner is great for curly hair for combing through when wet with fingers or a wide tooth comb. It is very moisturising. It can be left in the hair or used as a leave in as long as not using other products to layer with. If mixed with any other of the Deva Curl products it goes cloudy in the hair. This product can be bought from the Deva website fro around £17.00
 I hope this little guide has helped, there will be more reviews to follow. For more details, visit my website www.lindseyhughescurlwhisperer or call me on 07477014645
If you have any other products that you want to know more about that you think maybe Curly Hair friendly, please do get in touch! More product reviews to follow.