Where are the curly hairdressers

201504 washing curly hairHairdressing is still a popular career path for many people in the UK.
With thousands of centres for learning all over the country, the qualification you get at the end of the course is an NVQ levels 2 and 3 in hairdressing.
Habia are responsible for setting the standards that form the basis of all qualifications in hairdressing and are licensed in the UK.
These standards are looked at every three years, so the next time things will be looked at and if any changes are made it wont be until 2017.
Research has shown when looking into the subjects taught within hairdressing there are whole units on wig making, perming and relaxing hair. But currently there is no training on curly hair. When cutting the hair you might be taught to use less tension but most certainly it will be washed first and pulled into another pattern other than its own.
Students would be taught how to scrunch dry with some mousse –  which is a far cry from the methods Curly Girls have taught themselves. However there is no current training to encourage the student to work with the natural texture of curly hair. I strongly believe curly hair should be a separate part of the training, and Habia have no plans to change this.
I will be taking a proposal to them to see if we can start the young hairdressers from the start thinking about curls in a completely different way.
 I am speaking on behalf of all Curly Girls, as this is something someone with straight hair would never know about – or even think to ask. To my knowledge, there are currently no dedicated Curly Salons or Curly Training in the UK. So I decided to write this piece to raise awareness of this – and also ask why there is such a gap in the market?Hairdressers do fear curly clients and as soon ast they have sat in the  chair they are asking if the want their hair straightened before they have chance to take a breath.
 I believe this has to change so that people don’t have to travel hundreds of miles to get their haircut. I want it to become the case that having your hair cut –  even if your a curly client – to be a normal experience, while there also to be curly salons all over the country.
This situation is a little crazy, considering about 65 per cent of the population have wavy or curly hair – yet there aren’t the resources in place to deal with this?!
So this is why I am asking for your help! I would like it so that everyone can help educate hairdressers about the Curly Girl movement, and ask them to embrace your curly hair, rather than battle against it.
 I would really like to know if you have a stylist who likes working with curly hair, but would like to learn more themselves and take on some extra training so that we can grow a community of people who will treat you like your natural ‘you’ rather than trying to change who you are.
Please do ask them to get in touch with me, or visit my Facebook page Lindsey Hughes Curl Whisperer or website www.lindseyhughescurlwhisperer.co.uk and I can explain more to them about the Curly Girl experience and the training I will soon be able to offer!