Curly Hair Shoot with Bouclème

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I had an exciting ‘curly hair adventure’ with Michelle Scott Lynch, the co-founder of Bouclème, on set for her photo shoot in London recently. Michelle asked me if I could help and I jumped at the chance to work with her and her products; it was also the first time I have done a proper photo shoot apart from amateur productions with salons in the past. The thing I most loved about doing the shoot was that Michelle used her customers in the photos  – they are curly (obviously!) and beautiful, but they are also ordinary women ; two of them were pregnant, this celebrates Michelle’s ethos about being natural and true. It was also an amazing experience for these ladies to gain confidence in themselves and their gorgeous curls.

We started at about 10 am on a Sunday and didn’t finish until 6 ish…… it was non stop curls. I loved every second from prepping the hair (which was my job), to the make up, clothes and finally styling the curls, ready for the photos. All the girls I worked with were awesome – it was a change for me to work in a team as I have spent so long on my own……… although I am now training three curly girls to become stylists. The passion that everyone had that day was inspiring and I came away even more enthused about curls. This says it all really, as those of you who know me know I am madly enthusiastic already!

Bringing the curls alive

The main thing I learnt that day was reinforcing the importance of moisture – the building was not equipped with a basin and a shower head as this is not a normal requirement, as most models do not wash their hair on set. To get the best results we had to start the curls from the beginning, cleansing and moisturising then applying the curl creme and defining gel. I found that if the hair wasn’t wet enough and not enough product used, the curls fluffed – not good !!   I cannot emphasis enough, the critical role that water plays within the styling process;   with Bouclème products topping the perfect combination to achieve the amazing curls we created that day!


If you follow a few simple rules, you too can achieve these results: 

 – Cleanse the hair thoroughly before you start massaging the scalp, using curl cleanser or hydrating cleanser; 

 – Finger comb and push the curl conditioner into your curls from ‘mid to ends’ if you have wavy to curly hair, or ‘roots to tips’ if you have super curly to Afro hair;

 – Apply products to soaking wet hair;

 – If your hair is ‘wavy to curly’ you need to stroke and squeeze the products into the hair. If your hair is ‘super curly to Afro’, you need to rake the product through the hair, using Curl Cream as your leave in, and Defining Gel to set your curls;

 – Then either leave your hair to dry naturally for ‘super curly to Afro’ hair, or use a diffuser if your hair is ‘wavy to curly’. 

I hope you like the photos ; it was a truly amazing experience  –  I hope to have my own shoot soon xx


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