An interview with Michele Scott-Lynch the founder of Boucleme

This week I went behind the scenes of the product range Boucleme.

Why did you start a range of products? 

After researching the ingredients of curly hair care ranges I found that the majority of products available were sulphate and silicone based – 2 ingredients that perpetuate the problem of dry frizzy curls. One strips the hair of all protective oils and the other, a non-water soluble film former, gives the illusion of smooth and sleek hair but prevents much needed moisture from entering the shaft. The only thing that can remove silicone is sulphates so it becomes a vicious circle of curls being dried out by sulphates and requiring more silicone to fix it. Trying to find natural and effective alternatives wasn’t easy and after experimenting in my kitchen making flax seed gel, plus an inspiring trip to a curly specialist salon in NYC, I decided to create my own natural range.

What’s your background? 

I come from a marketing background, I worked in the music industry for about 10 years and then went on to train as a homeopath. Then I had my babies and took time out to be a stay at home mum.

What is your routine? 

I wash my hair every 3 days – water is key to keeping curls hydrated and moisturised so I don’t recommend leaving it longer. I cleanse with my scalp thoroughly with Curl Cleanser and then rinse. I section my hair into 2 sections and then apply the Curl Conditioner to soaking wet hair. I rake the conditioner through using my fingers until curls are completely detangled and drizzle a little more water as I apply. My hair is very porous so this really helps to work the conditioner into my hair. Next I seal the moisture in with a little virgin coconut oil and follow with Curl Defining Gel. In the Summer I airdry my curls I like to give them a heat rest but in the winter I dry under a hooded drier until 50% dry and then finish off with a diffuser. My wash and go usually sees me through to day 3 without having to use more product. I spot treat any frizzy bits spots by applying neat Curl Conditioner and smoothing and twirling with my finger.

What type of hair is Bouclème aimed at?

When I launched the range I had limited funds so wanted to create an umbrella range that would work for as many curl types and textures as possible however I’m currently developing new products to reflect the diversity in curls out there – from fine loose waves to thick tight curls my aim is to have something for everyone.

What are some of the key ingredients? 

Curly hair tends to naturally be drier than other hair types so I consciously chose ingredients that are proven to penetrate into the hair shaft to strengthen and moisturise curls from the inside out. Our unique blend of virgin coconut oil, argan oil, aloe vera, linseed and pomegranate extracts run throughout our 3 products with the added extra of honey in the Curl Cleanser to really draw moisture in.

Where are the products made? 

We’re proud to be British. Our products are handcrafted in small batches in the South West of England.

What is important to you when it comes to products? 

I’m really conscious of what I eat and put on my skin and hair. Our skin is the largest organ of the body so I like to use products that are natural and that aren’t harmful to the environment or sea life.

What would you say to someone who was just about to embark on their curl journey? 

Be patient, if you’ve been straightening your hair or using a silicone/sulphate based system it can take 2-3 months for your curls to comeback and the scalp to rebalance. Getting to know your curls is a learning process that requires time and lots of experimenting.

How do we get information about your products?

The website ( has all the information you need about ingredients, usage and some product demos. Customers are free to call us or email with any queries – we’re happy to help however we can.

How did you come up with the smell of the products? 

This was one of the most magicial parts of creating the range. I work with a specialist perfumieur who only works with natural essential oils. I wanted something fresh instead of the usual sickly sweet fragrances of some curly products. We basically sat together and added and mixed different oils I loved until we were both happy. It was an amazing experience.

What does Bouclème mean?

The name Bouclème came from the French word ‘Bouclée’ which means curly.

I know you have two children what do they think about their Mummy having her own product range? 

My girls were part of my inspiration I was determined that they wouldn’t grow up hating their curls. They are extremely proud of what I do so I hope I prove to be a good female role model for them.