Photo shoot to spread the curly word!

IMG_20151031_204214So today I really pushed myself out of my comfort zone. To be a self employed hairdresser you need public liability insurance and without much thought I picked simply business from the internet. the service was pretty straight forward and I didn’t think anymore about it . Until a few weeks ago I got a message from a guy called Bonnie from simply business. I thought the email was a scam to start with, it said that the company were looking for real life people who used their company to do a photo shoot. I called out of interest to ask if it was real. Bonnie said yes , I sent him a photo and he said they would be in touch if he was interested. I got a phone call last week to say that wanted to use me. so I travelled to Manchester today and went to a studio were I had my make up done, my hair was back combed but no other tools touched my curls I promise. The photos will be on bill boards all over Birmingham and part of the M6 which is really exciting and fantastic publicity. The money I was given to do it will go towards my curls united campaign , so I killed two birds with one stone. It was a really interesting time being on the other side of things, I was made to feel very at ease. I told most people the purpose of my bussiness , some people were really interested but a few people didn’t really get what this curly thing is all about, we will show them  !