Curly Hair Shoot with Bouclème

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I had an exciting ‘curly hair adventure’ with Michelle Scott Lynch, the co-founder of Bouclème, on set for her photo shoot in London recently. Michelle asked me if I could help and I jumped at the chance to work with her and her products; it was also the first time I have done a proper photo shoot apart from amateur productions with salons in the past. The thing I most loved about doing the shoot was that Michelle used her customers in the photos  – they are curly (obviously!) and beautiful, but they are also ordinary women ; two of them were pregnant, this celebrates Michelle’s ethos about being natural and true. It was also an amazing experience for these ladies to gain confidence in themselves and their gorgeous curls.

We started at about 10 am on a Sunday and didn’t finish until 6 ish…… it was non stop curls. I loved every second from prepping the hair (which was my job), to the make up, clothes and finally styling the curls, ready for the photos. All the girls I worked with were awesome – it was a change for me to work in a team as I have spent so long on my own……… although I am now training three curly girls to become stylists. The passion that everyone had that day was inspiring and I came away even more enthused about curls. This says it all really, as those of you who know me know I am madly enthusiastic already!

Bringing the curls alive

The main thing I learnt that day was reinforcing the importance of moisture – the building was not equipped with a basin and a shower head as this is not a normal requirement, as most models do not wash their hair on set. To get the best results we had to start the curls from the beginning, cleansing and moisturising then applying the curl creme and defining gel. I found that if the hair wasn’t wet enough and not enough product used, the curls fluffed – not good !!   I cannot emphasis enough, the critical role that water plays within the styling process;   with Bouclème products topping the perfect combination to achieve the amazing curls we created that day!


If you follow a few simple rules, you too can achieve these results: 

 – Cleanse the hair thoroughly before you start massaging the scalp, using curl cleanser or hydrating cleanser; 

 – Finger comb and push the curl conditioner into your curls from ‘mid to ends’ if you have wavy to curly hair, or ‘roots to tips’ if you have super curly to Afro hair;

 – Apply products to soaking wet hair;

 – If your hair is ‘wavy to curly’ you need to stroke and squeeze the products into the hair. If your hair is ‘super curly to Afro’, you need to rake the product through the hair, using Curl Cream as your leave in, and Defining Gel to set your curls;

 – Then either leave your hair to dry naturally for ‘super curly to Afro’ hair, or use a diffuser if your hair is ‘wavy to curly’. 

I hope you like the photos ; it was a truly amazing experience  –  I hope to have my own shoot soon xx


Bouclème Launch Event at Planet Organic

By Margo Steeden

Boucleme Curl Cream Launch image 7
Boucleme natural curl care and the new Curl Cream

UK curl brand Bouclème launched their fantastic new Curl Cream last week at Planet Organic‘s Flagship store and I was delighted when Michele Scott-Lynch, the founder of Bouclème, asked me along to the event.

It was a joyful moment when I discovered that Bouclème’s latest product was a curl cream. I love a curl cream and it is one of the staple products in my curl-styling arsenal because it’s so versatile. It can be used on wet hair for awesome, curl-boosting moisture; for hydration, smoothness and definition when doing twist-outs and braids; added over a leave-in, it gives you that little bit extra; scrunched into curls instead of gel when only soft hold is wanted or used as a curl-refresher to get 2nd day hair and beyond. What’s not to love?

Boucleme Curl Cream Launch image 4
Michele Scott-Lynch and  Saulo Galtri

There was plenty of healthy nibbles to munch and rum-based fruit punch to sup, whilst everyone mingled and dished on all things curly. I got chatting to the gorgeous Saulo Galtri of The Curly Look, a stylist who specialises in cutting and styling curls in Dublin, Ireland. Saulo, who flew over especially for the launch, told me how much he loves Bouclème products. He discovered them a few months ago whilst browsing the net and said he was “fascinated by the fact they were being produced right here, beside me, in the UK.” He said, “as soon as I got to try them, I knew that the range had been formulated with good knowledge and proper research into curly hair care.” Saulo is carrying the Bouclème range at the salon he works with and said he is very pleased with the results he gets when using on his clients, and on his own, curls. “Bouclème is taking the curly haircare market in Europe to the next level” he said.

I asked Michele why she thinks a curl cream is such a key product for curls, she said “I created Curl Cream to help replenish dry thirsty curls that need extra hydration. This product helped restore life to my parched curls post-colour and Summer holiday last year. Curl Cream is great for styling and defining on wet hair and can be used as a moisture injection to days 3 and 4 curls. I use this on top of my leave-in Curl Conditioner plus a little Argan oil and then follow with Curl Defining Gel. This may sound like a lot of product but it ensures moisturised well defined curls and I don’t reapply anything until the next wash day around 4 days later!”

Lindsey Hughes, the UK’s very own Curl Whisperer, was on hand during the event to offer styling tips and tricks for using Curl Cream. “On my clients who have finer hair, I start off

Boucleme Curl Cream Launch image 5
Lindsey applying Curl Cream to @honeyblondegigi’s curls

with one full pump of Curl Cream and I smooth and gently scrunch the cream into the hair – adding more Curl Cream as needed. On thicker hair, I rake the cream through the hair in sections, using my fingers – and using one full pump at a time – making sure that each section is well coated, then I apply Curl Defining Gel over Curl Cream to define and hold the curl. If a more ‘clumped’ curl is wanted, I avoid raking through hair as this will separate the curls too much. Instead, I just smooth and squeeze the cream into each section. Curl Cream is also great for adding moisture to curls in between washes – just use with a little water and smooth over the surface of your curls or tweak each curl individually by twirling with a little Curl Cream.”

“I created Curl Cream to help replenish dry thirsty curls that need extra hydration.”

Boucleme Curl Cream Launch image 1
Insta Girls! (from left) Simone, Helena & Shannon

It was a fab, fun event, and everyone went away with a goody bag containing yummy and healthy food and drink from brands sold at Planet Organic, plus a generous travel sized bottle of Bouclème Curl Cream. I’ve been using it for the last week as a styler on wet hair and also as a curl-refresher on dry hair and I have to say I’m sold – works great for me both ways. I also love the smell; the whole Bouclème range has a fresh, soft-citrus fragrance that is a refreshing change from the sickly-sweet coco-nutty pong that is usually associated with curl-loving products.

Check out Bouclème’s styling video on how to use the new Curl Cream on loose curls below.

You can find all of Bouclème’s styling videos here.

Pauline’s transition to natural curls


After years in a close relationship with straighteners, and straightening treatments, it can be a struggle to make that transition to natural curls. That’s why I think it can be encouraging to learn how others have managed it, and what they have learnt in their personal journey to natural curls. I met Pauline recently when she came in to have her hair cut, and we had a chat about her curly journey, which Pauline has agreed to share with you.

Lindsey: You have beautiful curls. Can you tell me a bit about your relationship with your hair?
Pauline: Thank you. I had spent 30 years relaxing my Jamaican hair, and ignoring my sister who always encouraged me to go natural. That’s a long time to not accept my natural hair.

You’re not the only person who has taken years to accept their curls. Myself included. So what changed? When did you start your transition to curly? 
Back in 2012 my sister had showed me a Mahogany Curls tutorial on YouTube about how she went natural, chopping her hair off and doing a ‘wash and go’ every day. It must have been in the back of my mind, but I largely ignored it. But in mid January 2013, I woke up having been let down by my hairdresser for the third week running, and decided to chop it all off.

Your hairdresser must have been shocked by the change of plan when you finally saw her?
Actually my daughter did it for me. She cut my hair into very short, tiny afro. And for the first time in three decades, I could actually ‘wash and go’ my hair; it was bliss!

I bet it was. How have you found managing your hair now you’re keeping your curls?
The most difficult thing about having my natural hair is keeping it moisturised as it can get very dry. I love to ‘wash and go’ but it’s not possible in winter. But my hair has grown well so I can do twist outs. I can now wash my hair once or twice a month with a ‘cowash’ and deep condition every week. I’m trying new styles and routines all the time, and actually having fun with my natural curls.

What advice do you have for encouraging other people who might be nervous about transitioning to naturally curly?
My advice is that you have to do it when your ready, but educate yourself in the mean time. Seek out your friends who have their hair natural, and ask lots of questions!

I think accepting my curly hair as a part of my identity has been important to me. How is it now that you’ve made that transition?
What’s great is that many friends have also gone natural, even ones who said no way never; so I’m not alone in my hair transition. But it’s important to prepare yourself for everyone else’s opinions and advice. My reply when people ask what have I done to my hair, or why? Is simply – I was born with it, and that’s how it grows out of my scalp. I can share my story now because I’m finally becoming happy with my natural hair. I’m surprised to find a hairdresser who can work with all kinds of curls, and to be honest I haven’t done much with my hair since you cut it for me. And although there’s some shrinkage, my hair has shape and definition so I’m loving it.

My thanks to Pauline for agreeing to share her curly story with us. Do you have a curly hair journey story that you’d like to share too? Do let me know!

Should We Care About Hair Care Product Ingredients ?

Nowadays hardly a week goes by without reading or hearing about a new health scare associated with the food we eat, resulting from the chemicals or other additives being used in the production process. As a result, many of us have become quite fussy about the food we buy, examining ingredients carefully to avoid harmful preservatives and artificial flavourings etc. However, how many of us know that chemicals can also enter the body through our skin and hair and consequently examine hair and beauty product ingredients with the same level of challenge as with food ingredients???


We all know that there is a list of Curly Girl approved ingredients to use on your hair, which will leave your precious curls looking great and in fabulous condition. Also listed are those ingredients such as sulphates and silicones which can compromise the condition of your hair, often by coating the hair with ‘plastic’, preventing moisture and other nutrients getting into the hair follicle, or simply stripping the hair of goodness. But, there are other ingredients (chemicals) you should be aware of which, whilst not affecting the condition or appearance of your hair, could have a wider impact on your health.

As you know I am extremely passionate (some might even say obsessed!!!) with using only natural and organic products, as I consider there is potentially an unknown quantity of damage we are doing to ourselves unwittingly. So I would like to help make you aware of these potentially harmful chemicals. These thoughts are only my personal opinion, as someone who has looked quite deeply into doing my bit for keeping the nasties off of our skin and out of our bodies !! So I’m not here to scare you, just raising your awareness and hopefully helping you to be a little more careful or selective the next time you go shopping for hair care products.
There are many potentially harmful ingredients out there, so here is a short list of a few of them that I think you should be aware of and why –
Alcohol, Isopropyl this is found in many hair products and interestingly is also used in antifreeze. It has been reported that it can act as a carrier potentially accelerating the penetration of harmful chemicals into your skin.

DEA( Diethanolamine) This is a hormone disrupting chemical that has been linked with the formation of cancer causing nitrates. Detergents of DEA based ingredients may result in major liver and kidney cancer.

Parabens are preservatives and have been found in breast cancer tumours; for this reason their use in a number of products has been reduced and quite often replaced with the following chemical !!!

Propylene Glycol This is a preservative that helps the product easily penetrate the skin, but, has also been linked as a potential cancer causing chemical.

So, having said all of that (and hopefully not alarming you too much !!) the good news (phew!!) is that there are plenty of products out there which have been carefully developed to use only natural, non-harmful ingredients. I try to use only these products and my clients can relax, knowing that I have done the worry on their behalf. I take time to source and use only those products which will not only leave your curls looking gorgeous and in great condition, but are not linked with having known potential long term health risks.

For me, however important our beauty and appearance is to us, it should never be to the detriment of our long term health and wellbeing. If you have anymore questions that you would like to ask me about unleashing your inner curls, please email me on

What is Hair Porosity, Protein and Moisture…and what does it mean for me?

This question has come up so many times in consultation with my clients, either directly or indirectly i.e. “why is my curly hair always so dry and frizzy !!!”….if this sounds like you, read on. Oh, and by the way, I am not a scientist so I have explained it as best I can in my own way.

Porosity basically means the hair’s ability to absorb water. Each hair strand has a layer called the cuticle,  covering the hair like tiles on a roof. When hair is high porosity it means the cuticle layer is ‘lifted’ and water is absorbed into the cortex – inside the hair shaft……but this isn’t always a good thing, as too much porosity reduces the hair’s ability to keep the moisture in and can lead to breakage. When the cuticle is lifted the water is not held in the hair, leaving it to feel dry….the hair lacks shine and is rough to the touch. Hair can become more porous with chemical treatments such as colouring the hair lighter. It causes the hair to become weak and removes the protein or strength of the hair.

Your hair is made of protein and moisture and can be tested by your hairdresser when your hair is wet, stretching about 10 to 20 hairs in between their fingers. Normal conditioned hair should stretch and return like an elastic band. So, if your hair doesn’t stretch at all with this test, it means your hair needs moisture – the treatment I would recommend for this is Camile Rose Coconut Water Treatment, which can be purchased from Amazon for around £22.20151122_231019

If the hair stretches too much on the other hand, it needs protein – the  treatment in this instance is called Revamp by OCS, BUT, it should only be applied by your stylist as you need to be careful not to give your hair too much protein, as this can make the hair brittle and lead to breakage. Protein treatments (such as Revamp) are often made with a wheat protein which helps to bind the hair together and fill the gaps, leaving the hair shiny, strong and healthy.20151122_231036

So, as you can see although people can get hung up about the porosity of their hair, it is more important to consider the balance of protein and moisture, which gives your hair its shine and strength. And don’t be tempted to over moisturise your hair because you think it’s dry; protein is your friend too as it helps to give your curly hair strength and more definition……definitely a good thing !!!

If you have anymore questions that you would like to ask me about unleashing your inner curls, please email me on