Bespoke Curly Colouring

Ever since I started hairdressing 25 years ago, colouring hair had been very uniform.
On a standard pricelist at any salon, you will find a list of services comprising of a half a head of highlights, root colour or a full head of foils. I guess this was not only to help the client identify with what they were having done on their hair but also to help the colourist follow what the stylist had done.
Well doing this day in day out was incredibly boring and lacked creativity. 
So I decided for myself things had to change – and this happened when I started working with the natural texture and pattern of curly hair.
 So I don’t get bogged down with labels as hair is not always straight forward. 
Most clients colour their hair  these days either at home or in a salon. A lot of colours I do are colour corrections from old stripy highlights to home dyes gone wrong. Rather than analysing your hair, hairdressers seem to  just repeat the colour that was done before, so the colour just builds up over time and you end up with something that you didn’t want. 
 These days there are so many different colouring techniques which are constantly evolving and the trends change with the seasons. For example Ombre moved into Sombre and Balayage to Taile which is a bit like a tortoiseshell affect. 
 I decided I wanted to treat each person as an individual,  so I have done away with labels each and every client of mine gets a unique colour to call their own. Most of the colour work I do is hand painted directly on to the hair this gives a very natural fade from one colour to another. This also works very well for curly hair as foils create extra heat and may damage the hair. With this technique of hand painting or pintura (which means work of art in eastern Europe), I am mimicking what the sun does to the hair making the hair sparkle in the light.
So I don’t keep records of colour to continue to repeat the same colour for the rest of your life. I look at the colour every time and assess what needs to be done helping you to evolve from one colour into another changing and adjusting to the clients wardrobe, season or lifestyle.
This means that colouring never gets boring. I colour only where necessary, working and enhancing with natural tone from the clients hair colour.
I use only natural and organic products as not to jeopardise the condition of the clients hair.
 If you want to find out more about the colouring products I use, or more about Curly Colouring, visit my website or call me on 07477014645