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My name is Lindsey Hughes and I have over 25 years experience as a hairdresser. For years I battled against my own curls with straighteners, chemical straightening products and anything to hide what was really me. But I soon realised after losing hair after having a baby, that I was hiding all these curls and I needed to start looking after it better and embrace it. And so my own curly hair journey began – and I haven’t looked back since!

The haircut you will receive is my interpretation of a Deva cut, which has come straight from the Deva Curl academy in America.  I studied the Deva technique in Los Angeles and New York and combined with my extensive dedicated curly hair experience, I provide a specialist tailored personal experience for your unique curls.

When you book an appointment with Curl Whisperer, I am the only one who will work with your hair throughout the appointment. I don’t offer a menu of different prices – I have a single appointment price of £125, dedicated to bringing out the natural beauty from your unique curl pattern.

Preparing models for a curly photo shoot

As well as providing the personalised cut and treatment, I will also advise on the best products for your curls,  your routine, and your lifestyle.

I use only natural and organic products; thehaircare products I use are by London brand Bouclème, which are natural curly hair products, free from nasty ingredients. These products treat hair well and the most important thing is that they maintain the condition of the hair and don’t cost the earth. I use Zimple towels that biodegrade in three months and recycle wherever possible.

Hard at work in Paris, working with Boucleme

As you can probably gather and put very simply, I have an absolute passion and love for curly hair. Having the opportunity to bring out the awesome beauty of the huge range of curly hair styles and types I have worked with, continuously excites me. The feeling of seeing someone walk into the salon, requiring a change or a freshen up of their curly hair style and watching their excitement grow as I bring their curls to life, is something I will never tire of seeing.

Once I had experienced working with the diverse and unique nature of curly hair, I knew I wanted to devote myself solely to the curly world. I was very aware of the very different needs of curly hair and the problems that can result if it is treated the same as non-curly hair.

Hard at work in the Hunter Collective salon

The aim of this site is for all you girls with curls to be able to find out more about how to get the best cut –  and reclaim what’s naturally you. I was shocked at the lack of help out there for my fellow curlies and how little most hairdressers know about how to cut, shape and look after our hair. It is now my mission to spread the word that having a head of curls is not something to be ‘managed’ or ‘controlled’, but embraced and celebrated!

I personally complete the whole service, no one touches your hair apart from me. Every appointment will be bespoke to your individual curls. I will welcome you to my space with refreshments and healthy snacks whilst I take you through your consultation. To show off your curls I will take before and after photos.

Then I begin the exciting task of bringing out your curls. From my extensive training, my approach is to dry cut the hair to allow the different curl patterns to sit as they naturally would.

Being proud of your natural curly hair is about boldly expressing yourself – just like I do with my curly hair and sticker tattoos !!

To moisturise, and add definition and shine back to the curls I then treat the hair at our basins with a moisturising treatment and use specialist curly techniques to handle the curls. I am a proud Bouclème salon. This London range of products has been developed for curly hair and delivers great results across curly clients. I particularly love that Bouclème is a natural range.

So I don’t undo all the good work in getting your curls looking defined and healthy, I use Zimple biodegradable towels which help to smooth the hair cuticle and don’t over absorb any water from your hair. For your comfort during drying I use reclining chairs whilst diffusing your curls.

Just some of the diverse fabulous curls I get to bring to life

Throughout your appointment I will take you through everything I am doing at every stage and share hints and tips for achieving amazing curls yourself. I know that it is easy to feel overwhelmed with information though, so don’t worry as I provide you with a handy step by step guide for you to take away.

You can book your appointment using my online booking system.


As you probably know by now, I am always on the look out for great sites and locations to welcome you to and give you the full Curl Whisperer experience. I was so excited when I found this space at Hunter Collective. This beautiful modern salon is at the following address , which is a short walk from Farringdon Tube stop –

Hunter Collective

2nd Floor

River House

143-145 Farringdon Road




This is my spacious and bright space at Hunter Collective


This is opposite River House


This is River House